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Must time

Here in Austria grapes must “Sturm” is a popular drink for the fall and you can find it but only for a short period in most pubs and supermarkets.
After Martina posted this recipe on her lovely blogI knew it was the perfect one for the “Sturm” in my fridge!
Here is the translation to English with few notes from my trial. I mainly skipped or changed some ingredients because I did not have them and because I like to add always a bit of whole wheat flour to give a “healthy touch” to my cakes.
With the listed amounts you will get 4 donuts.

Must donuts
Poolish ingredients

75g flour
75g water
10g 20g baker's yeast
1 ts honey sugar


250g W 330 whole wheat flour
275g flour
315g must
115g sugar
70g oil
2 ts anice skipped, I do not like anise

Dissolve the sugar and the yeast in warm water (about 30-40°C, try with a finger. Not too hot or you will kill the bacteria). Add the flour and cover until doubled in volume.
Place the poolish in a food processor and blend with must, sugar and half of the flour (add alternately part of liquid and a bit of solid).
Then add oil and the rest of the flour and knead. Now add a pinch of salt and knead until the dough is smooth, uniform, elastic and almost gloss. It may be that a couple of times you need to stop and with a spoon manually turn up side down the whole mass.
In the end the dough has to roll up the food processor tool and slide off from the bowl walls.
Now move the dough in an oiled container and cover it with a plastic wrap until doubled in size.
I placed the bowl inside the oven warmed up 2min at 50°C (and then off) and the rising time was approximately 3hours.
At this point my dough was much more sticky than expected and I had to add a lot of flour on the working area during the kneading. Maybe because of my flour choice.
Devide the mass in 4 equal parts. With each of them form a ball and with your thumb make a hole in the center. Push the hole until you have a 10-12cm donuts. Place the donuts on a tray protected with baking paper and cover them with a dishcloth and a plastic bag. Again let the donuts rise in a warm place until doubled in size.
I let made them rise for 1h in the oven and then the whole night in the fridge, but without cover to avoid any sticking. Like this I could bake them in the morning while making the café and having them still warm for breakfast!
Bake at 180-190°C for 20-25minutes. Let cool down (if you can resist) and then cut and fill with marmalade or nutella

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